08 December 2008

Live Blog from SACS

Perhaps SACS (and many more conferences) will move to streaming keynotes and presentations in future, but we're not there yet. Still, I am writing this from the general session on Monday morning, enjoying Dr. Judith Eaton's address from her CHEA perspective on "Accreditation After the 2008 Reauthorization Act." Yesterday afternoon, I heard the Honorable Henry Cisneros on "The Essentials of Leadership for the 21st Century."

Both addresses stimulate good thinking with, as you might guess, divergent foci. Mr. Cisneros moves us to ideals with demographic realities of the next half-century. Dr. Eaton points to more immediate pragmatic concerns of higher education, but with just as much vision and inspirational call.

While we await instant-conferencing to share conference keynotes such as this, we rely on recordings. At my first SACS conference, that meant ordering cassette tapes in the big white plastic holder. Today, the sessions come in mp3s on CDs. And that's a change just since 2005. Unfortunately, the company creating the mp3s doesn't provide a web address so all I can pass along today is Audio Master's email address: audio2k@bellsouth.net (toll free phone is 866-858-2475).

Dr. Eaton is wrapping up her speech. Yes, I was listening. But I'm also pleased with the multitasking possible. Thanks to SACS for the free wifi this morning. Now, I'm going to visit the vendors. Walking the show is actually something that's harder to stream via the web....

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