08 September 2009

Transparency by Design: New Web Site

College Choices for Adults is the just-launched web site of the Transparency by Design project of WCET*.

The College Choices web site presents profile data for programs at member institutions including Western Governors, Capella, Kaplan, and APUS. Typical data: student demographics, NSSE results, alumni survey results.

Capella University's profile also includes data on student learning outcomes. A pair of clear examples:

MS in Human Services displays capstone course rubric results of largely Proficient and Distinguished ratings on eight outcomes, an expected result as graduate students typically strive to be.... proficient and distinguished.

BS in Information Technology displays capstone course results with greater variety among the ratings.

*WCET: Western Cooperative for Educational Technology was created in 1989 by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). The founding 15 western states have since been joined by members from most U.S. states. The goal of integrating DL and educational technology remains the same and includes conferences and special projects.

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