18 November 2009

Free Conferences Online: Claremont Colleges Digital Library

Conferences and symposia at Claremont Graduate University are among the most affordable but there's one more resource that's free: Claremont Colleges Digital Library. Access requires only the QuickTime player (also free from Apple). Production values are sometimes low but the video playback is superb, thanks to QuickTime.

The menu for the Online Video Library provides titles and speakers, identification by conference, and length of video. Using your browser search function [Control F] you can quickly scan the page for "Scriven" and find hours of learning to be accomplished on your own time.

A more leisurely stroll through the menu leads to other excellent resources on evaluation and higher ed issues, in general. Elsewhere on the page are links to text and video about some of the Claremont series. Some links involve a charge but you'll also find some free items, such as the first 45 minutes from the 2009 Stauffer Symposium, which happened to be Claremont's first webcast effort in addition to the F2F conference. Click on "Positive Psychology Conference - Video Footage" on the left side of the menu web page and scroll down to the black square that offers the free show. (I took the time to play the free excerpt—it's a good representation of the day but I'll admit that I'm glad I saw it in person. You can also view the whole day for $25.)

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