23 February 2010

SACS' Wheelan at A&M Assessment Conference

One more SACS remark...

Today's main event at the Texas A&M Assessment Conference was the person fast becoming everyone's favorite speaker, Belle Wheelan. In fact, most casual conversations for the first several hours of the day began the same way: isn't she a great speaker. (And then they related where they've heard her speak in the past year.)

Wheelan is doing more for the assessment world than any amount of P.R. could accomplish. Her plain-speaking about the Department of Education is instructive and with humor she communicates what higher ed needs to understand about "the issues," chief among them distance education requirements.

She ended the morning at a luncheon devoted to the SACS 5th Year Interim Report requirement. The bottom line advice: "read the instructions" and "take it seriously."

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