06 May 2010

Tech Note: Bucknell's Outstanding Tour & Map

Every campus map should aspire to the high level of engagement produced by Bucknell University's Virtual Tour. An interactive map highlights campus locations according to your selected term: inquisitive, creative, conscientious, sleepy. (And more than 50 other descriptors.)

You have to be willing to click a bit to understand how the site works. Don't hesitate to click your mouse on the plus sign (+), the markers on the map, the "Back To The Map" link, and virtually every image that crosses the screen.

Support for beginning: on the main page, click "Begin Your Tour." On the next screen, click on the plus sign in the middle of the page. And just keep clicking.

Besides modeling outstanding web site design, Bucknell manages to communicate a simple message: we like our school and here's why.

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