08 June 2010

ePortfolio Conference: AAEEBL in July

Formed in 2009, AAEEBL* has acted quickly to establish itself as the leading source of eportfolio knowledge and support. The global orgnization has 90 member institutions (the great majority in the U.S.) and an annual conference. Not bad for a history of one year.

The upcoming conference in Boston (July 19-22, 2010) is actually a joint conference with the well established Campus Technology annual event (nee Syllabus) now in its 17th year. Having both in close quarters, and sharing an exhibit hall, is one of the better examples of in-person event planning in this decade.

Cost of this conference, similar to most technology gatherings, is painful. Early bird discounting offers a bit of relief, ending June 18.

*AAEEBL = The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning: The professional association for the world ePortfolio community

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