27 January 2009

Demographer's Take on Higher Ed Enrollment

As numbers dominate the news today—in terms of the Recession with a capital R—some words from 6 months ago make good reading on the topic of higher education enrollment. Demographer Cheryl Russell's blog addressed enrollment in terms of a blink: by the middle class.

Russell referred to a "tipping point" that today's enrollment numbers back up. (My reference point is strictly anecdotal, relying on first-hand communications from a private university in the northeast and a public university in the south.) As families face lay-offs or simply fear of the future, college tuition has become part of the budget-slashing. Presumably, if enrollments were affected in winter, they will be even more affected in summer and fall.

Russell's analysis was based on mid-2008 statistics and pointed to the tuition increases of recent years as a key factor in enrollment shifts. She suggested that the middle class was already stepping away from the 4-year institution and turning to community colleges. As 2009 stats emerge, her predictions may well be confirmed.

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