08 January 2009

Tech Note: Testing Internet Connection Speed

Campus Internet access is famously fast although some home connections finally rival the big pipes of colleges. Even on campuses, slow-downs may occur. On a former campus of mine, access dropped to a crawl daily, 11am to 1pm. Yep, lunch hour.

You can test the speed of your Internet connection by logging into an MSN web site and entering just two pieces of information.

Enter your Area Code.
Select the type of connection (dial-up, LAN/WAN, DSL/Cable).
Then just click on the Test It button.
My results were consistent across several trials. The measurement is made against CNET servers. CNET is my favorite "tech help" resource, as noted in a previous blog.

Other sources for speed info:

McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer includes basic information about connection speed.

Speakeasy Speed Test is the most entertaining of the sites. Click a city name and a test with that server will ensue, complete with animation for both download and upload speeds.

AT&T High Speed Internet Throughput Test also gives you choice of server location with a pull-down menu. The site also offers reasons for the difference between the test result (potential throughput speed) and the download time you experience at other web sites you visit.

Visualware's Test My Connection Speed web page offers just what the company name implies: visuals. The site casts the results in terms of quality and, specifically, what you can expect of VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) calls.

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