02 June 2009

IHEP: New Focus on College Rankings

IHEP: Institute for Higher Education Policy covers a lot of territory, with current emphasis on a new research report on the impact of college rankings in Australia, Canada, Germany, and Japan. The usual impact studied is enrollment; this study looked at the impact on institutional decision making. (Go to the web site's Publications page to download reports in PDF, no charge.)

Background information on rankings and their effects is efficiently summarized on the site's Ranking Systems Resources by Topic page.

The approach most of us take is national rankings, looking at within-country rankings or ratings. In the U.S., that's through multiple ranking systems with the best known presented by commercial publishers. The UK has similar scope in what are commonly called "league tables." IHEP's National Ranking Systems page is genuinely global, linking to 34 countries' data. (Each of those country pages carries one to a dozen links, making this web page one the best-maintained hyperlinking systems to worldwide educational resources.)

International rankings, crossing borders, are the newer approach and, interestingly, have developed along discipline lines. As IHEP points out, business schools are a focus, worldwide. The International Ranking Systems page in turn links to many resources on international education.

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