15 October 2009

Clemson's Links to Colleges' Honor Policies

Not just plagiarism falls under the umbrella of academic dishonesty although that continues to be the hot topic for most investigations into campus culture of integrity. The proliferation of plagiarism checkers (mostly driving search engines of Google and just a few more) in the past couple of years has made electronic tools not only attractive but also near requirements, either embedded in learning management systems or available in web browsers.

Today, campus policy-makers are likely to be experts on plagiarism detection (and perhaps customers of several mainstream vendors, besides). To step out of that sub-topic and into the broader topic of academic integrity, a scan of university web sites brings perspective. Clemson University's Center for Academic Integrity is a rich resource for all the topics and a handy means to branch out to more than 50 of the Center's member institutions to see how campuses are addressing academic honesty. The comparison of honor codes and policies permits a close-up view of West Point's verbiage intended for cadets as well as policies of very large institutions and very small ones, publics and privates.

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