05 August 2008


Last month I attended a conference on assessment in Fort Worth and recorded the language as it unfolded from speakers who included consultants, vendors, and host institution administrators.

What was late to unfold: accountability. In fact, we were in session for 55 minutes before the word emerged. I think that wouldn't have been the case a year or two ago. Here are the words that preceded it:
........strategy maps
........operational review

There were a lot of other words spoken that day, of course. Enough that I finally quit tracking the vocabulary. But I've found a new diversion for the coming year: my own little content analysis of the lexicon of the assessment world.

A plug for the people presenting at "Higher Education - Aligning Your Strategic Goals": Jan Lyddon and Bruce McComb (of Achieving the Dream and other consulting experience) led us in a full exploration of strategic thinking about assessment, David Cook and colleagues (of Information Builders) described the Performance Management Framework software in what was surely the least-pressuring vendor demo I've ever seen, and Rebel Jones (administrator at the University of North Texas Health Science Center) demonstrated how his unit collects and analyzes assessment data for a medical school. Good show!

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