14 August 2008

Tech Tip: Fast Feedback

Saving time in keyboarding appeals for all tasks but I'll admit I am drawn to it primarily when staring at a stack of electronic submissions awaiting feedback. While every evaluator may aspire to giving only personalized feedback, a more pragmatic approach is to include the automated variety at least some of the time. When time or sheer numbers demand fast response, these two strategies can help.

Text substitution in any Windows application (including email): Using a small app called Texter available from lifehacker, you can devise your own set of codes for text substitution. Line 1 displays my shortcuts created in Texter; Line 2 displays the automatically substituted text:

  1. T hed comy looks to schy js for comn abt ass. [45 characters]

  2. The higher education community looks to scholarly journals for communication about assessment. [94 characters]

If you cannot install an app on your office computer, you can accomplish similar text substitution inside Microsoft Word. Access the option called AutoCorrect Options to enter your codes. This is the same feature that permits you to type a string of characters such as (c) and have Word transform it to the symbol ©.

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