23 September 2008

Projected College Enrollment for 2017

Projections of student enrollments to 2017 have been released by the Department of Education. As the graphic above for higher education indicates, numbers will be up. The age break-down shows slower growth rate for younger students and slightly brisker growth rates for students up to age 35.

(This graphic is enhanced for web viewing. Find the original (and many more) in the PDF publication available at the NCES web site.)

This chart reports actual figures from 1997 and 2006 for the six age brackets. The light blue bars reflect the projected number of students for 2017, in millions. The NCES report goes into more detail, with high and low projections, as well. (The light blue bars here are based on the report's "middle alternative" figures, which are thought to be the most likely projections.)

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