16 April 2009

Academic Analytics from the ELI Archive

Academic Analytics was a presentation at ELI* in 2007 and now resides on the EDUCAUSE web site, along with 4 years' worth of webinars. John Campbell reported on Purdue's IT initiative launching analytics to support accountability, including the ares of learning outcomes and student success.

The topic of data mining is not necessarily new (for a 2007 audience and even less the case for a 2009 audience) but Campbell's commentary brings together data mining, course management systems, and potential uses for accreditation. Campbell uses non-technical language to describe basic models and also Purdue's goal of identifying students "in trouble."

Locate the audio file of Academic Analytics at:

Locate the longer list of resources in the Archive (2005 through 2009) at:

* ELI is EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, the research arm of the organization. ELI holds conferences and services member institutions. ELI products are shared publicly after 6 months' of member-only access. See the ELI site for a wide range of resources, including audio and video presentations.

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