15 April 2009

Creating Presentation Graphics: Comics

The content is the humor of assessment, which one must find where one can. Creation is through an online tool by which one can create a comic strip in a few minutes: Make Beliefs Comix.

It actually takes a few minutes, twice or thrice. My third attempt finally produced type large enough for the typical bifocal-age faculty audience on a campus. The web site's instructions make perfect sense after experimentation (but only after experimentation).

Designed as a teaching tool, Make Beliefs Comix is likely immediately obvious to the elementary school students who use it. For those of us who cannot claim the intuitive sense of the young, the site takes a little longer to master. Tips: Click on Print/Email to... yes, print or email. It took me a long time to notice the Print part of that line. Create a text message in a speech or thought bubble and then use the enlarge tool to make the text more readable.

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