22 April 2009

Inventory of People and Resources for ePortfolio Decision-Making

Continued from yesterday:
Inventory of people and resources to support decisions about ePortfolio platforms

1 - Our students use an LMS for course work. Yes/No
2 - Our students use blogs/wikis in course work. Yes/No
3 - Our students use specialty software in course work. Yes/No
4 - Our faculty incorporate technology in their teaching. Yes/No
5 - Our faculty maintain their own web sites (personal or course). Yes/No
6 - Our faculty manage their own course spaces in an LMS. Yes/No
7 - Our staff are available to assist students/faculty in learning new software. Yes/No
8 - Our helpdesk tracks queries to identify training needs on campus. Yes/No
9 - Our helpdesk coordinates FAQs or other knowledge base with new software additions on campus. Yes/No
10 - Our administrators are responsive when additional funding is needed for training/support for new software. Yes/No

"No" answers indicate a need for caution in selecting a platform or style of ePortfolio. More structure and pre-defined templates will support students and faculty in their work. This typically means opting for a commercial ePortfolio platform.

"Yes" answers indicate less need for caution and potentially a "free choice" approach to media. But even if a campus has 10 Yes's on this list, a program still may opt for a commercial platform. The reason might be to insure known costs of support.

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