07 July 2009

HERI's web site and blog: Always worth checking

Checking HERI's web site (Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA) is always a good idea but at present has two compelling reasons to take the time:

1 - Link to the HERI blog (or go straight there with this link) for presentation slides from the June 2009 AIR conference. Topics from HERI were outcomes for intro science and math courses, underrepresented students, first-year experience, and Habirs of Mind study (more first-year experience).

2 - Look at the HERI web site's list of Upcoming Conferences (bottom-left of the web page). You'll still have to make your own visit to the sponsor's web site for more information about each conference, but the HERI list is handy for scanning more than half-dozen events scheduled for Fall 2009.

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