28 October 2009

Lunch at IUPUI: Unofficial Report on California Higher Ed

At the speakers' luncheon today at IUPUI Assessment Institute, I sat with colleagues from UCLA, USC, and Southern Illinois U. The conversation was lively and also instructive. The UCLA person confirmed for us much of what we have assumed from news reports about public higher ed in California. Her brief report: students are paying 30% more for 10% less... and this is not a single year of belt-tightening in terms of furloughs. She, and her cohort at UCLA, expect rough years ahead. And they are prepared to see students give up on waiting to get into the system.

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dave said...

I really enjoyed the conference this year. When I was scouring the yellow sheet for the very last session, I noticed the group from SIU--my alma mater--so I went even though it was half over by then because of my chat with the Waypoint CEO. The presenters were very charming and energetic, and it was nice to have a chat afterwards about familiar names and places.

My lunch conversation was brief because of the noise in the room. Does this mean I'm getting old?